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I offer an antidote to assumptions about behavior change that keep people stuck by providing them empirical-based insights, reason and perspective. I believe anyone can change. Yet not everyone is the same. Our unique values, purpose, needs and cultural dynamics determine what drives meaningful transformation in individuals, groups and organizations. Using engaging stories, humor and practical science-based strategies I take my audience on a transformational journey, inspiring them to change their narrative about what’s possible, freeing them to energetically play, imaginatively create, compellingly communicate and thrive by leveraging their focus on what matters most at work and in life.



An internationally renowned presenter, author, and coach in the areas of wellness, behavior- change, cultural development, communication and leadership, Robert Cappuccio has trained, coached and developed teams all over the world, working with people from all walks of life, at all levels within leading organizations, from front line staff to the C Suite. Robert believes that our highest values often come from our deepest voids. He has observed that once you know what those values are and commit to living them, with the right mindset and strategy transformation is not only possible, but inevitable. A belief that has been reflected in his own life.

Abandoned in a state of severe neglect, adopted by a developmentally disabled mother, and a terminally ill father, life was uncertain. Growing up with facial deformities and Tourette’s, Robert faced daily bullying at school. Yet, the bullying and ridicule was not even close to the life-threatening experiences he endured every day at home. From being severely beaten, tortured, stabbed, burned and sexually abused, to being told he had no value, life seemed hopeless.


However, in his late teens, with the guidance of his then boss and mentor at Gold's Gym, Robert had an astonishing revelation that would powerfully shape his perspective and career trajectory. He discovered in retrospect that even though he was left physically and emotionally scarred, his experiences early in life had prepared him for the discovery and pursuit of his calling. He realized that out of our greatest adversity can emerge our most powerful strengths. At times, when we are enduring moments of suffering, the way out can be found by lifting others up.

Robert has held senior leadership positions and co-founded some of the most recognized education and leadership companies in his industry. He has co-authored multiple textbooks, is a best-selling author, and has written hundreds of articles for prominent trade publications. He is a regular guest on podcasts and radio shows including BBC4 radio with Paul Ross. You can listen to Robert and his inspiring guests share their insights and expertise every week on his podcast ‘The Self-Help Antidote.’

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8 Sales Myths: A Coach Approach to Successful Selling

According to the Harvard Business Review, 63% of all salespeople undermine the sale through their own behaviors. The problem isn’t that these professionals aren’t skilled or dedicated to selling, often it’s quite the opposite. The problem is that many of these individuals have deeply rooted beliefs on selling that simply aren’t true. This session presents principles and practices that are drawn from extensive scientific literature on coaching and human behavior. We will not only dispel some of the more harmful myths around selling, but will present proven strategies, insights from research on coaching to successfully guide people through the decision making process.


Breaking the Barrier

Often, we falsely attribute characteristics such as laziness, lack of motivation and willpower to why we sometimes struggle to keep the commitments we set for ourselves in both our personal lives and our careers. This isn't only frustrating, according to the research it’s not true. This session will explore what the real problem is, why it’s keeping you stuck and how to change that. There are countless books and seminars about behavior change. While many of them offer useful information, they tend to focus on what to do, sometimes even why, but lack the specific strategies detailing exactly how to go about making the changes that are most important to you. By using the tools and resources presented in this session, you will be able to identify common fallacies about behavior change that’s keeping you stuck, find your intrinsic motivators for action, and use the tools and strategies presented to create what you really want. Whatever those changes are in your life, relationships, or organization that’s most important to you, the insights presented in this session are a must. Because every change must always be preceded by a behavior change.

Shift Happens: The Psychology of Effective Leadership

We are currently experiencing a global leadership crisis. While the importance of leadership is frequently discussed, leadership itself is seldom clearly defined. According to Forbes Leadership Development is a $366 Billion industry. Yet, most programs don’t work. According to Bloom Leadership, 79% of employees quit due to lack of appreciation. In the midst of the great resignation, this is more than disturbing to many organizations. This session will define leadership, the most powerful critical success factors and mindset that every leader needs to possess, and why people need to be at the center of your leadership strategy.




Bobby (Robert) is fresh, professional and is one of the best presenters I have ever seen in this industry. He is actually one of the few people that I make it a point to see myself whenever he is presenting at a major show.

Thomas Plummer

Author and Speaker



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