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Bobby Cappuccio is one of the most unique presenters I have experienced in this industry. He is a dynamic and powerful speaker who is able to use motivation and education to empower fitness professionals with the ability to achieve higher levels of success in all aspects of their business. He clearly demonstrates a passion for helping his students to identify a sense of purpose, set a clear direction for their career, develop a superior level of education and build a successful business through growth and contribution.


TSI has over 110 clubs and 6,000 employees.

One of the things that captured me the most in Robert’s presentation was his philosophy regarding perseverance and taking personal responsibility for the career you create, and his ability to motivate large audiences such as ours. Bobby has a unique gift and ability to enhance an employee’s attitude by teaching the individual to take personal initiative for his or her own growth, education, and success. Empowering individuals on this level transfers to the overall contribution to the mission of the company by the participants in his workshops.

​I am confident that any fitness professional can greatly benefit from any seminar and/or publication presented by Bobby Cappuccio. TSI considers him a “mover and shaker” in the fitness industry and looks forward to having him present workshops for our organization."


I learned to how cultivate high performance business cultures by studying two of Bobby's books.


Winning the Talent War and The 7 Myths were unarguably two of the most impactful resources I leaned on when beginning my fitness leadership career, having to cultivate high performance business cultures. In the beginning, I was asked "how" I was doing it and I could not give a definitive response. It was that night, I went onto Bobby's website and found those two e-books.  Without these, I would not have been able to reconstruct two of the most successful fitness businesses in the 24hour Fitness family, and now as a GM I carry these principles into restoring life into 24hour Fitness's Flagship club in Houston's medical center.