Robert Cappuccio is a respected motivational speaker, educator and behavior change. He is a highly sought-after corporate coach, and considered to be a leader and pioneer in the areas of personal and professional development, as well as behavior change.



Working with multiple teams, companies and a wide variety of organizations over the last twenty years has given Bobby a unique insight into, and an understanding of human behavior and performance that he brings with him to every stage, big or small. Bobby possesses the ability to both educate and inspire, and to make people laugh out loud, all at the same time!



Bobby will help you get clear on what you truly want, be they wellness or professional goals. He'll then facilitate strategies, thought processes and behaviors to help you navigate around those constraints keeping you from having what you truly want, thereby successfully moving you forward, session by session, towards achieving your goals. 

Teaching School


Have you ever wanted to become more influential, inspiring, or a leader who brings the best out of others? The goal of this teaching school is simple: to make you one of the most powerful and influential leaders in your industry by giving you the tools and resources that make you the most effective communicator you can be.