Starting Anew

What does it mean to fail?

It happens to all of us, and it will happen to you. Things come up that we sometimes just don’t anticipate.

However, it’s not the obstacles we run into that matter in the long run; it’s the meaning we attach to them and how we respond. When unforeseen obstacles come up, ask yourself the following:

What does this mean?

What have I learned?

In what ways am I better prepared than before this happened?

How can I minimize the chance of this happening again?

Committing to do something you have never done before requires that you become someone you’ve never been before.

Who we become is largely shaped by what we do. You can start by experimenting with moving for the sake of movement, just for 30 days.

Eventually, you might notice that working out is not just something you do —it’s becoming who you are. (at Del Mar Fairgrounds)


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