On Knowledge

Unless a behavior aligns with our highest values, it is unlikely to be sustained, despite our knowledge of what we should do.

In the sixteenth century, Sir Francis Bacon declared that “Knowledge itself is power.” That may well have been true in the Elizabethan era, yet knowledge is not always effective at influencing behavior change.

Education is usually that answer many people throw at societies greatest challenges, we mistakenly believe that people are rational and therefore when presented with the facts, they will act rationally.

We are not rational beings, we are rationalizing beings. We tend to distort information to fit our mental models. If information was an effective medium for transformation, no one would ever smoke again!

Think about it… we have clear and explicit warning labels educating individuals about the dire consequences of smoking, in the most succinct, simple and direct way possible. Yet people still smoke.

Shouldn’t we have solved this problem a decade ago? In some nations around the world the warning labels are brutally explicit, as they simply contain the phrase “smoking kills” in big block letters. Not much room for misinterpretation is there? - Robert Cappuccio; Transformational Sales Coach

What has been your most successful behavior change strategy?


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